If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy at places like Florence, Venice, Rome, DJ Panos is your ideal choice for an elegant, modern, fun party. He provides music tailored at your tastes and offers a stress free celebration with videos and on camera testimonials from previous clients that guarantee a successful party (even from Italy, see below). Panos is an expert in his field and based in Athens, powered by the wedding industry of famous Greek islands like Santorini and Mykonos. Every summer he performs at highly demanding receptions for couples and their guests from all over the world at the most popular destinations in Greece. Apart from that he has an - unmatched by others - experience in nightlife at famous clubs, Wallpaper magazine featured bars and Michelin star awarded bar restaurants. This way he can adapt easily to the style of your guests and the type of your event.



Travelling from Athens for destination weddings in Florence, Tuscany, Venice and Rome is less expensive than you might think (from 70 to 200 euros depending on the city and date) but you don't have to worry about that because for his first reception in Italy Panos will be available at a lowered price.

It's not rare selecting a great photographer from another country so why not a DJ? You've got some serious reasons here with Panos as he's a full time wedding DJ with a great experience in destination weddings. While it's easy to fall into someone less experienced introduced by a company that promises "the best DJs around" or to an outdated one who performs only on weddings, Panos offers a hard to find, honest approach with videos of past events and examples of his work. You will feel very secured for the most crucial part for the success of your reception. He is also considered a versatile DJ, over the last years he has assisted couples of completely different music tastes getting their best party ever according to their ideas and dreams. Panos has handled from simple just music events to large scale productions, if needed he can negotiate and coordinate the set up of the right sound and lights equipment in collaboration with a local company.



Panos has worked at many lounge, jazzy bars and bar restaurants including one dedicated to Italian and French music! His jazzy tunes are carefully selected among thousands and he can create an atmosphere that can only be compared with very talented bands (while being even more versatile). He can even make people dance with jazz and swing music, mixing the old classics with remixes and the best versions by today's crooners with a fresh, creative way.

Elegant '60s lounge | Listen to more compilations by DJ Panos on Mixcloud



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