Alternative & jazzy weddings



If you have more eclectic and non-mainstream tastes in music Panos is the perfect choice for you. He has DJed at many hip, alternative, jazzy and lounge bars in Athens. He has also DJed at live events along with well known bands and artists in Greece such as Penny & The Swingin' Cats (swing & rockabilly), 48 Ώρες (soul, disco, rock), MC Yinka (soul, funk) and Katerina Polemi Quartet (jazz fusion).

Panos has been selected many times for alternative weddings or simply by couples who want something different than the typical "cheesy" wedding dj. He can provide an awesome dance party without having to resort to the usual wedding music stuff. You can always mainstream it as much as you prefer with the best of top 40 music from all decades. The cheesy classics are still here too to spice up the dance floor at some crazy moments, actually they will sound very cool combined with less commercial songs!

His background in lounge and jazz music allow him to build the perfect playlist for cocktail hour and dinner. If you don't want to spend a big amount of money on a band Panos can combine a stylish blend of classic swing and jazz songs from the Golden Era along with vintage covers of today's tunes that guests of all ages can relate and even dance too.


Listen to the following two mixes, which although not directly related to wedding music, they give you a picture of what you can have at your disposal if you have more eclectic tastes.

Elegant '60s lounge | Listen to more compilations by DJ Panos on Mixcloud

A rock & blues trip | Listen to more compilations by DJ Panos on Mixcloud

jazz rock dj panos.jpg

A jazz, blues, rock night at Kolonaki district.

Promo video for a night dedicated to quality Greek music.

Panos' first mashup