Here some important details to consider for the DJ of your wedding.



- The DJ you see here is the DJ you get. Unlike any other DJ company where you rarely can see the DJ profiles on their websites, here you know everything about my expertise and music taste, so that you can decide easily if it matches your own and the type of event you would like to host for your guests. You will get a premium service by beginning with a specific, well-chosen DJ .


And you will never end up with a last minute inexperienced DJ due to a busy Saturday. Like a small boutique hotel, I offer higher quality to fewer clients at a very affordable price, since you don't pay for anything more, like:

  • Commission for the wedding venue owner for the DJ (or DJ company) attached to the venue.

  • Extra expenses of a large DJ company, such as an expensive office rent, additional staff salaries and owner's profit.

- Greek weddings are different. They mostly consist of traditional folk music. Being a good wedding DJ on Greek weddings is a very different thing from being a good one on foreign weddings.

- Video rules. Written reviews can be fake (even on, photos from the right angle by a professional photographer may only show some perfect moments even if the party ended early. Watching videos from past weddings is always the best and safest way to see what a DJ can do (in the case of a DJ company make sure they're all about the same DJ ). 

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