Your big day in Dubai is approaching and you are looking for a talented wedding DJ. You want great entertainment and you've seen some amazing videos by sound and lights companies in the UAE, but how about the guy behind the decks? Big speakers and impressive light shows won't make your party a success by themselves and you know it. Panos is a full time mobile DJ based in Athens, he's an expert entertaining couples and their guests from all over the world at destination weddings in Santorini and other famous islands across Greece. He has an twelve years background in nightlife, having explored every kind of music out there at Wallpaper magazine featured bars & clubs.

Panos has already been invited to play in Doha, for a highly demanding three-day wedding party hosted by the former Emir of Qatar! He cooperated with local DJs for the Arabic music and even worked with the hotel's audiovisual team to make sure that the lighting would look elegant throughout the different parts of the reception.


Travelling from Athens to Dubai costs around 400 eu (1650 AED) but Panos is so excited for his first wedding party in the UAE that he's ready to cut on his final fee to even eliminate this extra cost!

There are couples who hire a photographer from another country so why not the guy who will guarantee a successful party? Finding a great DJ for your wedding can be difficult. There are always sound & light companies that claim to have the best DJs around but you rarely know what you're going to get. Panos comes with great references and the experience to entertain guests of different ages and ethnicities. Your reception will have a creative, modern flair without sounding cheesy and outdated. Panos has an extensive music library and knows to read the crowd. Your once in lifetime celebration will be in safe hands.


Panos is always available through telephone, emails and Skype. He will work with you on every single detail to ensure that the music will be adjusted at your tastes from the very first song till the very last one! Please fill the following form for an estimate, browse this website for more information or call him at 0030.694.3511754.