Destination wedding DJ in Istanbul


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Are you looking for a DJ for your destination wedding in Istanbul? Now you've got a great choice. Panos is a wedding DJ specialist based in Athens, Greece. He performs at receptions at some of the best hotels in Greek islands, for couples from all over the world. His portfolio includes many videos of successful parties that guarantee the best time of your life no matter where you're coming from. He has a unique background in nightlife and he really knows all kinds of music. This way you're assured that you're getting something more than the cliché of the cheesy wedding DJ.

Tickets from Athens to Istanbul are rather inexpensive these days, the extra cost will be totally worth it and you can consider it as the safety belt for the success of your celebration. Even more, for his first ever wedding reception in Turkey this extra cost will be eliminated by a reduced price! If needed, Panos can search at local sound & lights companies for the best deal and the most appropriate setup for your venue in Turkey.

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